Decabol is a powerful steroid drug

Decabol is a powerful steroid drug, the active substance of which is nandrolone decanoate . The main field of application is big sport, which requires a lot of physical strength output from the participants (bodybuilding, powerlifting, triathlon). The main effect that the drug has on the body when taken for a long time is an increase in muscle mass and an increase in strength and endurance. 

Description of Dekabol

Decabol is an injectable steroid with increased anabolic and moderate androgenic activity. Produced by the well-known pharmaceutical company British Dragon . 

The main active ingredient is nandrolone decanoate . Release form – liquid for injection in a glass barrel of 10 ml. The concentration of the active substance can be 200mg / ml, 250mg / ml or 300mg / ml. Combining nandrolone with a decanoate attached to it , which is a long ester, increased the duration of action. Therefore, Decabol tends to accelerate for a long time, the process can take several weeks, which means that a noticeable effect will appear only in the third week of the course. In this case, the duration of the effect of the drug on the body will be felt for another week after the end of the intake. More details on the link:

It is best to buy Decabol from trusted sellers who guarantee the sale of an exceptionally high-quality product. The fact that the original product is in stock can first of all be evidenced by the price of Decabol 200. Too low cost is direct evidence of a counterfeit drug.

To maintain the active effect of Decabol, it is recommended to store it in a dark and dry place at room temperature, to avoid direct sunlight on the barrel. Find a place out of the reach of children or pets.

The effect of taking Decabol

Reviews about Deca British Dragon clearly indicate that taking the drug has high results on the athlete’s body and physical capabilities. With the correct, well-organized reception, Decabol has the following positive effects:

  1. a set of lean muscle mass (up to 8kg per course);
  2. stimulates protein synthesis;
  3. increases the absorption of amino acids;
  4. provides a positive nitrogen balance;
  5. increases power performance;
  6. increases the level of endurance;
  7. helps to strengthen the immune system;
  8. has a tonic effect on ligaments and joints

How to take Decabol

It is recommended to buy Dekabol in Canada exclusively for professional athletes who know how to correctly calculate the required dosage and are under the supervision of qualified trainers.

The solo course of Decabol provides for the injection of the drug intramuscularly at a dosage of 200 mg weekly for 8 weeks. In individual cases, based on the physical fitness of the athlete and his capabilities, the dosage can be increased to 600 mg. The period of action of the drug in the body is quite long and reaches 14 days, so there is no need to inject more often than once or twice a week.

Experienced athletes often run combination courses that include additional anabolic drugs. An example of such a combination is Decabol together with Methandienone . In this case, the scheme of use will look like this: Decabol 300 mg per week and 30 mg Methandienone daily. 

The second option, which is especially popular for increasing muscle mass, is the Decabol 200 course with Stanozolol . Dosing regimen: 200 mg Decabol per week and 50 mg daily stanaz . 

Contraindications to the use of Decabol

Despite the fact that the use of Decabol in women’s sports is quite common, this drug must be taken under special supervision and attention. Exceeding the permissible norms can lead to the development of the virilization effect, which is characterized by a decrease in the timbre of the voice, a change in the proportions of the body and face according to the male type, increased hair growth, as well as oily skin. All information on the site:

Post cycle therapy

The restorative course begins simultaneously with the beginning of the course of the drug. Decabol is taken only in conjunction with testosterone, and the dosage of the latter should be twice the steroid. You also need constant monitoring of the level of prolactin in the blood, and when the indicator goes out of the norm, start taking cabergoline urgently . Regardless of whether a solo course was completed or a combination with other anabolic steroids, tamoxifen and clomiphene citrate are recommended at the end .    

Decabol side effects

Side effects are related to the way athletes take Decabol 200. Most often, they occur when the athlete exceeds the dosage or prolongs the course by 8 weeks. Strict adherence to the recommendations together with a responsible approach will not result in:

  • gynecomastia;
  • acne ;
  • baldness;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • high blood pressure.