Benefits of IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is the transfer of functions for the administration of the company’s computer infrastructure. This includes maintenance of structured cabling systems, maintenance of computer equipment and peripherals, modernization, and software setup. Ubiquitous introduction of modern technologies into business has led to the need to create IT departments in companies with developed computer infrastructure, which in turn has led to increase of expenses for their maintenance. To a greater extent financial difficulties fell on the shoulders of small businesses. As a result, as practice has shown, it became very profitable for small and medium-sized companies to use the services of an it company, rather than employing administrators and IT engineers.

What does IT service include

IT outsourcing is very flexible and can have a different set of it services:

The outsourcing company takes on more than just computer maintenance – it solves absolutely all IT infrastructure tasks.

Outsourcing company can solve only a part of IT tasks preliminarily agreed upon with the customer.

Financial advantages

  • The contract is drawn up for a long term with a clearly stipulated amount, which allows you to plan the budget of the company.
  • The payment is based on the work done.
  • No need to spend company’s money for taxes on the salaries of employees, no additional costs for vacations, sick leave, etc.
  • No expenses for the organization of workplaces for employees, no additional costs for rent.
  • Favourable terms for the purchase of office equipment and software.
  • Fast solution of problems by qualified specialists, who ensure practically uninterrupted operation of the office, even in critical cases.
  • Full control of consumables and their prompt delivery at the best prices.

Time benefits

  1. An experienced team and well-trained operations achieve speed of action.
  2. Automated order-taking system ensures the shortest possible response time.
  3. HR does not need to conduct time-consuming recruitment campaigns.
  4. No need to spend time on controlling and organizing the work of the department.
  5. No loss of time in case of sickness or vacation of employees.
  6. No problems with dismissal of key employees and the necessity to retain, find new employees and train them.
  7. Reduced time to find the right solution in complex, non-standard situations thanks to Help Desk availability and use.
  8. Automatic work records and reports for specific time intervals.