Decabol is nandrolone decanoate from British Dragon

Decabol is the most commonly used injectable steroid. The popularity of the drug is due to the pronounced positive results. Deca british dragon description indicates that the active substance favors a positive nitrogen balance, which acts as a constituent part of the protein.   

It is worth noting that when developing this anabolic, nandrolone decanoate was taken as the basis – one of the most famous and potent testosterone derivatives. Androgenic activity is reduced by 30% from the initial , anabolic – increased by 150% of testosterone. Given the decabol reviews, this allows us to consider it a potent drug, taking into account the mild side effects. Detailed information on the website:

Drug action and steroid profile:

For bodybuilders planning to buy Decabol, you need to highlight the main advantages of using this steroid: 

  1. increases the protective properties of the body;
  2. helps to strengthen bone tissue, as well as ligaments;
  3. the use of the drug allows you to gain up to 8 kg of muscle in one course, while the rollback phenomenon after the end of the course will be minimal;
  4. increases the erythrocyte mass of the blood, which improves the transport of oxygen to the tissues;
  5. helps to increase the secretion of synovial fluid. This circumstance in the best way helps to eliminate joint pain, which is often encountered by regularly exercising athletes. 

Features of reception and dosage:

When contacting a steroid store, it should be borne in mind that an effective weekly dosage of the drug should be considered 200-600 mg. Experts have proven that the most pronounced results can be achieved using 4 mg of steroid per 1 kg of body weight (calculation of the weekly dosage).

This anabolic is good, including the fact that you can use both solo courses and combined ones. For a more productive set of muscles, the drug goes well with danabol or sustamed .

Excellent results can be achieved in combination with Winstrol . After the end of the reception, the results obtained should be fixed with clenbuterol . This allows you to stop the catabolic phase and emphasize the tracing of the gained kilograms. Even better results can be achieved by taking 400 mg of Decabol and Sustamed 250 at a dosage of 500 mg – calculation of weekly dosages. 

Possible side effects:

Before buying steroids, you need to take into account that the use of decabol by women is permissible, however, the dosage should be reduced as much as possible. Even if we take into account that the androgenic component of decabol is reduced, side effects in the form of masking and virilization make themselves felt even with a slight increase in dosages.

Of course, the course of this steroid is one of the most likely ways to set quality mass, and that is important to decabol bd buy – with a minimum of side effects. At the same time, do not forget that the anabolic should not be taken by people with prostatic hypertrophy and atherosclerosis.  More details:

In general, in a dose not exceeding 600 mg in 7 days, negative manifestations from taking decabol are extremely rare. However, with an unreasonable increase in doses, gynecomastia may develop, swelling may appear. Like the use of any other steroid drug, the use of decabol can suppress the body’s production of the natural male hormone.

Bodybuilders interested in decabol price should take care of drugs for post-cycle therapy, which should be carried out after a 10-week course of decabol .