Miboleron (Cheque Drops)

Mibolerone is one of the most powerful and dangerous steroids on the planet. This drug was obtained from Nandrolone. The drug is classified as anabolic, but has incredibly strong androgenic properties. A highly effective drug, possessing such strength, accordingly has not weak side effects. Therefore, when choosing a drug for your purposes, it is necessary to seriously monitor the dosage of Mibolerone and the duration of its use. The drug is not suitable for use by beginners in various categories – athletics, bodybuilding, boxing, powerlifting.

Key Features

The steroid is not very widespread, but, nevertheless, athletes often prefer to use it immediately before a combat fight or power competition (30-40 minutes before the start), since the drug causes persistent aggression, a surge of adrenaline and seems to open up a “second” for users breath.

 It is effective to take a steroid between seasons or in the last weeks before a competition to further stimulate the body to intensify training and give impetus to further action.

In the information provided by the manufacturers, it is indicated that the anabolic effect of Cheque Drops from testosterone is increased by 5.9 times (590%), and the androgenic effect is increased by 2.5 times (250%). A steroid with a strong estrogenic effect, therefore, when using it, you need to purchase additionally Clomid, Arimidex.

Also, the drug has a high progestin activity. Mibolerone is able to inhibit the secretion of luteinizing hormone, which contributes to the normal functioning of the human reproductive system. Mibolerone is used by bodybuilders more often to stimulate aggression and increase strength than to gain mass. You can find out a lot more about Miboleron (Check Drops) by clicking on the link

Athletes respond very well to the most dangerous steroid. This drug is able to fill the body with a surge of strength and energy literally in a matter of minutes. To regain a strong desire to exercise and self-confidence. Also, professionals note that often on the course there are problems with the liver and endogenous testosterone, but everything is normalized after a properly selected PCT.

History of creation

Initially, this drug was created specifically for veterinary purposes. Its main purpose was to regulate ovulation in dogs. The female had her menstrual cycle ripped off during estrus. The anabolic androgenic steroid began to be actively used in veterinary practice in the 1960s. It was produced by Upjohn and was first known as Cheque Drops and then Cheque Medicated Dog Food.

The drug was described already in 1963. In the United States, the steroid could be purchased, but if there was a veterinary license for Mibolerone. But today the steroid will not be found on the shelves of any legal market. Despite the fact that bodybuilders and athletes began to use Check Drops for their own purposes, the American regulatory body FDA has not approved its use. The steroid was repeatedly taken out of production and put on stream again until it nevertheless gained a foothold in sports circles.

When conducting laboratory experiments on animals, Mibolerone showed amazing results. The anabolic activity of Cheque Drops was 41 times higher than that of Methyltestosterone, and the activity of androgens was 18 times higher.

The illegal drug has its own legends, which sometimes push athletes to experience the effects of this steroid on themselves. For example, there is some information according to which, on the eve of the boxing match with Holyfield, Mike Tyson accepted the Cheque Drops. This version made it possible to explain the aggressive and inadequate behavior of the famous boxer when he bit off Holyfield’s ear. Accordingly, Mibolerone is in great demand among athletes who are focused on a power contact fight. For bodybuilders and powerlifters, more gentle AAS is advised.

Pharmacologic effect

The main benefits of using Mibolerone:

  • Colossal adrenaline rush
  • The emergence of irrepressible aggression
  • Increased strength
  • Stimulating personal motivating factors
  • Increasing endurance, suppressing fatigue and exhaustion of the body, the ability to conduct intense training
  • A tangible acquisition of unshakable self-confidence

There are also such informational messages, which say that under the influence of such a steroid, athletes often improved their own records.

How to take the steroid and dose

It is also noteworthy that this drug is one of the few in which the daily dose is calculated not in milligrams (mg) of the active substance, but in micrograms (μg). It is advisable to use the drug half an hour before the start of training exercises or the desired event. Therefore, the steroid is not considered for use in courses.

This is not yet beneficial for another reason – too destructive effect of the drug on a living organism. Mibolerone, due to its powerful effect, is more suitable for point use.

If, nevertheless, athletes chose Cheque Drops for use in the course, then the deadline is two weeks with the maximum daily dosage of the steroid – no more than 500 mcg. The optimal rate, of course, is selected individually for each athlete. On average, a dose of 200-400 mcg is considered effective. The steroid is taken once a day.

However, in order to still see at least some anabolic effect, you need to significantly increase the dosage – up to 5 mg per knock. Such a loading dose will cause dire consequences and severe side effects.

First of all, take into account the unbridled aggression that Cheque Drops causes. Therefore, the drugs are selected in such a way that the joint positive effect of taking steroids does not contradict the cumulatively induced aggression and would allow the athlete to maintain a balanced psychological state. Otherwise, over-pushing him towards unrealistic achievements can easily lead to serious injury.

Prescription of the drug for medical purposes does not exist. People are never treated with Mibolerone.