Sustanon – dosage and administration for bodybuilders

Сустанон для инъекций 250 мг пользуется большим спросом у бодибилдеров всего мира. Причина этого вполне очевидна. Сустанон – андрогенный анаболический стероид (ААС), который помогает повысить уровень тестостерона у пользователей. В то время как обычные люди с дефицитом тестостерона могут использовать этот стероид для нормализации уровня тестостерона, люди с нормальным уровнем тестостерона могут использовать этот стероид для увеличения мышц или уменьшения жировых отложений.

In the case of bodybuilders, the Sustanon 250 can be used for both filling and cutting. It can be taken alone or users can stack with other anabolic steroids like Turinabol or Dianabol.

Whichever method you choose to administer this drug, it is important to have an idea of ​​what dosage will be optimal for your needs.


The 80s and 90s of the last century were at the peak of the popularity of the injectable steroid sustanon. During this time, many wrote about the benefits of the drug, but almost nothing about the side effects. Accordingly, the tool for growing muscle mass became widespread on the black market and readily available. True, most of the drugs were fakes (the ampoules were without a paper label and with an imprint). The original, which was produced by the “Organon” company, was always enclosed in glass containers and had a paper label.

At that time, the original product was produced in Portugal, Holland, India and Russia. But the black market was dominated by Indian products, which were officially destined for export to Ukraine. Sustanon-250 injection solution was also smuggled to Germany. The name of the manufacturer and the composition were also mentioned. The text was printed on white or silver paper. The package contained 5 ampoules, each of the containers was individually packed. The cost of the original sustanon in ampoules was 12-18 DM per ampoule.

During these years, testosterone Sustanon 250 became known as a drug, so it began to be sold more openly.

Many new brands have appeared: Sustaged by Golden Dragon, SUSTANON by SP Laboratories, Sustamed by Balkan, Sustaject by Neo Labs, Sustaver by Vermodje. However, the original manufacturer of the product – the company “Organon” – was at the peak of popularity and opened new branches in Pakistan, Egypt and Holland.


Before considering the dosage of Sustanon 250 that is best for bodybuilders, it is wise to first look at the overall dosage for this steroid.

For a patient with low testosterone levels, the normal Sustanon Injection dosage of 250 mg is injected once into the muscle tissue of the shoulder, thigh, or buttocks once every 21 days. The patient is more likely to experience immediate results as Sustanon AAS is known to be fast acting. It is also important that the patient undergoes a medical examination to find out their testosterone levels after the first cycle.


Bodybuilders without testosterone deficiency can use Sustanon 250 mg injections during an appropriate training program. The beauty of Sustanon AAS is that bodybuilders can use it to increase or decrease a training program. In addition, this steroid can be used alone or in combination with other anabolic steroids such as; Dianabol or Turinabol.

Stacking with other steroids is possible because the side effect of Sustanon 250 mg injections is small and the drug itself is very well tolerated when used correctly and at an acceptable dosage. Many bodybuilders choose to combine Sustanon with other steroids because of the potential for better bodybuilding results. Sustanon 250 can be purchased by clicking on the link


It takes 5 to 6 weeks for Sustanon to assimilate into your body system due to the esters and different release times. Thus, it may take about 6 full weeks before starting steroid use.

Therefore, if you are bodybuilding, working with high volumes of training and want to use only 250 mg Sustanon injections without stacking, it is recommended to use 500 to 1,000 mg of Sustanon for 7-10 days for 8-12 weeks of Sustanon 250 cycle.

However, if you intend to use other steroids, take one shot of Sustanon 250mg injection per week, for 8-12 weeks the cycle is ideal. After a two to three week break from using Sustanon, you will still feel the effect of the drug. This is when postpartum therapy or PCT is needed before starting a new cycle.

As previously mentioned, using other steroids with Sustanon during your workout program can give you tremendous bodybuilding results.

It is important to note that the dosage for bodybuilders presented in this post is not final. It is also worth noting that this dosage is not the recommended dose, but it has been used by a bodybuilder to have a good effect.

So while this works for this bodybuilder, it may not necessarily work for you. Ultimately, you will have to figure out which Sustanon 250 cycle will best suit your bodybuilding needs.